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Grand Champion Innisman All Said N Done

22/08/2010 15:48


Grand Champion Innisman All Said N Done
22nd August 2010

We are very proud to announce that Derby, today, got the final 2 points towards his Grand Champion title! Wow it's a surreal feeling and there are so many people to thank! First off I have to thank John and Joyce for taking my boy for the last year and doing an amazing job of showing and looking after him - it has been an amazing year with a Best in Show, 2 Runner Up Best in Shows and innumerable Best in Group awards!! It's not just the showing though they have taken Derby in and treated him as one of their own and that has been an honour. Allison also needs a big thankyou for her help with Derby, helping John and Joyce with showing and grooming duties!! And thanks also for the listening ear.

Mel and Brett of course as without them I wouldn't have my beautiful Rori and therefore no Derby! Thankyou for giving me a chance and guiding me through some difficult decisions. Oh and of course Mel your choice of sire for my first litter! Thankyou Wendy Atkins (Dykinta) for allowing me to use the gorgeous Leroy, who has now produced another Grand Champion!

Most importantly my amazing husband, Alan, who has been with me all the way! And my beautiful children for being dragged around to shows and ebing pretty good really (I understand dog shows are boring).

Judge Mrs K Graham (NZ)

photo credits to Kristen Hughes (Ildanach Border Collies)

and Natalie Woolley for the use of her camera