Innisman The Stars Will Tell


Date of Birth: 24th November 2008
CL: DNA "Clear" by Parentage
CEA: DNA "Normal" by Parentage
TNS: DNA "Clear" by Parentage

Gossip has gone to her new home in NSW and enjoying life with her new friend Mishka! She's a lovely girl with an attitude to boot!! She's her mothers' daughter with biddability thrown in from her father. We will miss her dearly but she will be very much loved by her new family which is all we want for her!


Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Tookurra Starcrossd Luva Ch Tookurra Catch A Star Ch Tullacrest Theifa Hearts
Tookurra Believe N Magic
Tookurra Lucky In Love Ch Borderita That's Life
Tookurra Diamonz Npearls
Aust Ch Benshiva The Oracle Aust/Am/Fin/Est Ch Nahrof The Cohort TD HIT Aust/Jap Ch Nahrof The Talisman
Nahrof Echoes Of An Era
Bomackay Gypsy Rose Bokirk Dappadan
Bokirk Sweet Brandy

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