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Some updating!!

22/01/2012 04:51

Well on this hot day I thought I would share some photos that I haven't got round to here they are!

Thanks Kristen and Natalie for this super cute photo shoot (quite a few months ago now) of Father and Daughter...Derby and Aretha!


And who would've thought that Derby isn't just a pretty face??!! Over the last few months we have been trying our hand at herding and he has taken to it like a duck to water (after first having to pee on everything), he is just amazing to work (the easiest dog I have ever had) - really patient and gentle with his stock. Thanks again Kristen for the photos and the opportunity and experience to help.



Not to be out done by dad, Aretha shows a lot of natural instinct! Hopefully she'll be as nice to watch as her mum and as easy to work as her dad.